Perfect places to go hammocking in Oslo

Erect a hammock and sleep under the stars. Here are a few places in and around Oslo that offer fantastic views and wonderful nature.

The sisters Hege & Stine  Schultz-Heireng has written two books about the outdoors.

Sisters Stine and Hege Schultz Heireng have become dedicated hammocking experts. But it all began a bit by chance.

“In 2015, my husband and I were given a hammock as a wedding present. It lay untouched for several months. But my sister and I then decided on a project; 52 overnight stays in 52 weeks. It was pretty ambitious as both of us work and my sister has children. To succeed, we had to make use of the nature around where we live,” says Hege Schultz Heireng to Scandinavian Traveler.

The pair made their first hammock trip to Grefsenkollen in Oslo.

Other recommended outings

The sisters’ book Kortreist describes 70 places for overnight stays in a hammock or tent. The trips are for all ages, all less than one hour from the biggest cities in Norway. 

You can also find other practical advice on the sisters’ website:


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“It was the first week of January and 15 degrees below zero. We prepared waffles on our campfire and then lay in the hammock admiring the view over Oslo as our cheeks gained a rosy glow.”

They won the Wilderness Camping Prize of the Year and the Norwegian Outdoor Living Prize for the project. 

“Sleeping in a hammock is absolutely fantastic and we got in touch with publishing house Gyldendal to ask if they would be interested in commissioning a book on hammocking.”

But the idea took a while to become persuasive. In 2017, the sisters published a book on the best outdoor trips in Norway, which, in addition to providing plenty of advice, also included five hammocking locations around Oslo.

“In the book, we write about the untouched nature in Femundsmarka and Jotunheimen, but most of the questions we received were about hammocking. So the book became just as much about hammocks as nature.”

In 2018, the sisters completed 100 trips close to the 15 largest cities in Norway and published a book titled Kortreist, (Short Trips), with advice on how to spend nights outdoors in a hammock.

“What’s happened is that many people who were initially not that interested in outdoor life, have become enthusiastic about hammocking. We hear about people who pack tapas, sushi and wine and cozy up in a hammock. All you need to do is hang a hammock.”

And best of all, hammocks are really easy to hang. All you need is a couple of trees.

Stine-Schultz Heireng våkner opp etter en natt i hengekøye.


Here are four recommended hammocking destinations around Oslo:



This hill was where the Schultz Heireng sisters began their hammocking project. There are several openings in the forest that offer spectacular views over Oslo. And it’s easy to get to Grefsenkollveien by bus.



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This is a bit tougher trip that starts from Bærum, a neighboring municipality to Oslo. The top is a magnificent destination in its own right and you can expect to have some company. But in the evening, most people will have gone home, so it’s simply a matter of hanging your hammock and enjoying the views over Oslo Fjord and Drøbaksundet.


You can take the metro from Oslo city center to Kolsås.

Gaupekollen in Maridalsalpene

Right in the heart of beautiful Maridalen to the north of Oslo are the Maridal Alps, that offer secluded hills. Gaupekollen has views over Lake Maridalsvannet. You can take the bus to Skar in Maridalen.



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Du kan ta buss til Skar i Maridalen.

The view över Oslo from Vettakollen.


Vettakollen is between Holmenkollen and Sognsvann. There are plenty of places to hang a hammock. If you want to see the sunrise in the morning, hang the hammock facing east. If you prefer a gentler wake-up, you should choose the view towards Holmenkollen, the sisters explain at Tursøstre.no



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